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Winter Edition / December 2009


Hope and Opportunity

A Note from Robin: Hope and Opportunityphoto

As 2009 comes to a close, I would like to thank all of the friends, colleagues and partners of Abode Communities for helping us create affordable homes and supportive environments that improve the lives of hardworking families and individuals. Thanks to your help, each of our core divisions has achieved many successes this year.

Abode Housing Services has worked hard to keep our families in their homes, witnessing its highest occupancy rates. Abode Architecture advanced its vision of innovation and sustainability in all of its projects, and Abode Development has maintained a robust pipeline of almost 500 homes that will serve families beginning in 2010.

With resources impacted dramatically by the recession, Abode Resident Services continues programs to help adults improve their economic situation, youth succeed academically and seniors to live independently.

In the midst of these historic economic times, we continue to seek out opportunities and to be inspired by the hope of the residents that call our communities home.

Robin Hughes
President and CEO of Abode Communities

Abode Housing Services: Excellence in Tough Times

Recognizing that our properties exist within a larger community, Abode Housing Services approaches property management with the goal of instilling pride among our residents and enhancing the greater neighborhood in which they live.

Whether we own and manage or just manage a building, Abode Housing Services ensures that the properties in our portfolio are the best on the block. This year, our staff enjoyed volunteering and team-building during a beautification day at Evergreen Apartments in Long Beach. We think our residents deserve homes that are not only attractive, but also well-maintained. We endeavor to preserve the long-term viability and value of our properties and to support safe, stable communities.

Abode Communities oversees the management of its own real estate portfolio, as well as the affordable housing properties of clients ranging from nonprofit community development corporations to government agencies. We currently manage 38 properties totaling more than 2,000 units.

Our properties serve low-income residents and include families, individuals, individuals with special needs and seniors. Abode Housing Services realized early on the shared benefit of keeping our residents in their homes during the recession. By offering payment agreements to some residents, and referrals for rental assistance to others, Abode Housing Services currently maintains an occupancy rate of 98% and rent collections reached 99% in November. Because the properties themselves are well maintained and operated, we've even been able to attract tenants for commercial space in some of our properties at a time when the commercial real estate industry is also in a slump.

Community Spotlight: Hope Street Kids

California Hospital Medical Center has partnered with Abode Communities to provide architectural and project management services for the new Hope Street Family Center.

When the director of the facility, Vickie Kropenske expressed her desire to engage her kids in the building process, Abode Architecture designers came up with a strategy to involve children who were attending after-school programs at Hope Street in a model-making exercise.

They spent four afternoons in September working with foam materials and building an exact replica of the new facility from the architectural drawings, and even included landscaping and art features on the exterior of the buildings.

Casa Dominguez: A First for Los Angeles County

Abode Communities is always looking for opportunities to further its commitment to sustainability, and Casa Dominguez is its greatest accomplishment so far, with the first multifamily graywater irrigation system in all of Los Angeles County.

As California faces a serious water shortage, Abode Communities invested in the necessary resources for designing and installing an environmentally sound system that would reduce water consumption in their 70-unit affordable housing community in East Rancho Dominguez.

Working closely with Khalifeh & Associates and ReWater, the Casa Dominguez team found that the best way to reduce consumption would be to retain, filter and reuse the discharged water from the development's onsite laundry facility. We continue to innovate in the areas of responsible design and sustainability and look forward to the next challenge!

Help Fill Our Homes with Hope

Abode Communities provides affordable homes to improve the lives of hardworking families and individuals and to revitalize communities. With your support, we can fill an even greater void for families who have experienced jobs loss, have limited access to support services, or may be on the verge of homelessness.

Read our stories of hope and learn about how we help families remain stable in their homes, children stay healthy and perform better in school, adults regain or improve their employment status, and seniors achieve greater self-sufficiency and independence

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